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It has linkages with government institutions, i.e., NTB, Department of tourism, ministry of tourism, TGDB, NTHAM, and private sectors, i.e., almost all of the associations of tourism entrepreneurs, such as TAAN, HAN, SOTTO, NATOJ, NARA,… HOSTHA and its productions, i.e., more than three dozen home stay, most of its advisors are from university. Local NGO, Collage and CSos are its local partners (LPs) besides LBs(Local bodies, i.e., VDC, Municipality, DDCs). The relation with local government such as federal state/province and local (Municipalities) will be continued. Through some diplomatic mission, e.g., ambassadors such as Sri Lanka, EU, Russian Federation, VITOF has extended good relation in different capacity. CD release photo, Balthali ko Photo.