VITOF-Nepal, now proudly exists/ “from pocket to flat” with well furniture office rooms and 1 and half dozen members to 50 dozens ( i.e., 17 to 600) members from wide range occupations- from tourism entrepreneurs to university academia. It has about a dozen books covered about 5 dozen districts across the country. It has promoted about 2 dozen new destinations of home stays and awarded excellent/model home stays with cash and kinds.

It is awarded different letter of appreciation from various remarkable institutions. VITOF-Nepal has brought out documentaries entitled “Village Tourism in Nepal” and Lwang Ghalel. It has regular New Year calendar. It designates special ‘tourism ambassador’ and has highly learned advisory board members. It has been a common parlance- ‘VITOF-Nepal’ synonyms ‘Village Tourism’ of Nepal. Thus, it is acknowledged by GON and concerned stakeholders a portfolio members in different committees and commission of the tourism sectors. It has opened VITOF-Nepal Pokhara chapter which has covered lot of rural areas of western Nepal.