VITOF-Nepal aims to be the lead institution in the Village tourism sphere of the country. To materialize it, it tries  to incorporate all tourism entrepreneurs as its valued members and works with GON and CSOs, I/NGO and local governments besides its target groups or beneficiaries, i.e., home stays and local tourism entrepreneurs. It continues the legacy of its past experiences jointly with GON authority and its own advisors. Plans and programs are being made for conducting feasibility  studies, researches and brands and award tourism friendly activities expanding the limited areas, i.e., beyond central and western regions of Nepal. We have already demonstrated our presence in eastern region- Ilam, Jhapa, Morang and far-west- Kanchanpur and Kailali districts.

Each year, we have new programs of training, fame visits, orientation, excursion visits and building networks with our likeminded institutions. Besides, Pokhara VITOF-Nepal chapter, it has plan to open its new chapter in each province (7 states) or eastern and mid western Nepal.